A half an hour session    

Spiritual counseling-  Quote Angie Blunk “This process leads us to being able to work with a communication of total trust with higher spirits, which I refer to as God. In this we become a light, working in connection to bring us all to a new understanding, which will bring this earth to a new state of bliss”                                                          For many years I have been going through this process of awakening, I have come to a point of total connection to God and to the understanding of the language. In these readings, she uses tarot cards but, in a different way than most, she lays the complete deck. In this laying, she is telling you your story with each card laid. At the same time, I0 can feel deeper meaning to all that is coming through and expresses it in a way that you can understand deep to your core.                                                       This will tap into the past, go into the future as well as guide you through what you are going through at this time. Now is where we are and what is important, the past and the future is only to help you see why you are facing what you are in the now moment. Once you see the lesson you are being shown now and understand it you are able to move to the next step in life. An example, you are having the same form of relationship over and over, let’s say you end up with a very controlling person only to leave the relationship and once again a very controlling partner comes into your life.  There are reasons for this, there is a message and when it has to do with relationships there are many lesson within that one repeating pattern.                                                        Are you feeling as though you have to stay in control of everything so you can make sure you are able to take care of everyone? Is your control attracting control? Are they showing up as simply a mirror of yourself? Have you always thought of yourself as more passive and missed the understanding you are holding with a firm grip to the control of your world that you yes you have created?                                                      This is just one example of a theme that may be playing out in your life. Once we see who we are and why things are happening we can start to release and move into a truer place of self.                                                    In this session, you may want to bring a note pad, or audio can be done through go meetings or phone or an added $15.00. Get into a comfortable place that is quiet and you will not be disturbed. Also, many times this can bring purging and release for a few days after. If you are just needing a touch up to the big picture you already have understanding with a half an hour is normally good. This is mostly for people that work with me weekly. Or maybe you just want to test it out. A 30 minute session is $50.00An hour session goes more in depth with the understanding of what you are going through and what is being shown to you. You will have a greater understanding of why and what is next when we are done!A 60 minute session is $100.00                      REMEMBER ADD ON AUDIO FOR AN ADDITIONAL $15.00

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